Ben Power

Director and Head Coach

Ben has over 20 years of reality based mixed martial arts training, coaching and competition experience. He began training in JKD/Kali in the mid 90’s before discovering the brutal effectiveness of Muay Thai kickboxing in which he successfully competed and received instructor certification.

As with most first generation MMA fans, early UFC bouts opened Ben’s eyes to the art of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) and he became an avid student of the ground game. He went on to compete in numerous BJJ, submission wrestling and MMA matches and in November 2008 was awarded a BJJ Blackbelt from UFC fighters Anthony Perosh and Elvis Sinosic.

Having witnessed the phenomenal growth of MMA and BJJ since their humble origins in Australia Ben feels privileged to have watched them evolve into hugely popular and sophisticated global sports.

His intimate knowledge of the blend of skills and attributes necessary to succeed in each sport helps bring out the best in every student.

Ben is also a fully qualified, AHPRA registered physiotherapist and continues to practice as Principal Physiotherapist of Leichhardt Sports Physiotherapy where his expertise covers musculoskeletal, spinal and orthopaedic sporting injuries.

Andrew King

BJJ Coach

After training and competing in Gymnastics and Karate as a kid, Andrew began his BJJ journey in 2004 (at the ripeold age of 31) at Dominance in Melbourne, before moving his life to Sydney and his training to SPMA, where he received his black belt in 2014 from Elvis Sinosic and Anthony Perosh.

A certified Brazilian Jiu Jitsu coach, Andrew has won and placed at a State and National competitive level, and continues to enjoy both training and teaching.

Ash noble

Striking Coach

Ash started his martial arts journey in Perth in 2001 before moving to Sydney in 2003 to continue training with Elvis Sinosic and Anthony Perosh.

He has competed in MMA (Pancrase) and BJJ tournaments and has cornered fighters at UFC events.

After spending the best part of the last decade working offshore he is permanently back in Sydney and looking forward to passing on his years of striking and BJJ experience to the tribe.

Jon Bond

Striking and BJJ Coach

Jon's first introduction to the fight game was boxing, competing as an amateur for a number of years, before finding MMA at SBG Manchester. 

After a couple of years learning the fundamentals of MMA it was clear Jon's passion lay in coaching and after successfully completing the SBG coaching certificate with Matt Thornton (President of SBG International) Jon became assistant coach to Karl Tanswell (head of SBG Manchester). Jon also travelled the UK cornering dozens of fighters from amateur's to the top level pros on shows like Cage Warriors and is also a BJJ purple belt.

Dan de Jesus

BJJ Coach

Daniel started training BJJ in 2004. Since then he has competed in many BJJ tournaments at different levels, and is also a qualified IBJJF referee. After taking some time off to complete his Master’s degree, Daniel has returned and continued his passion for teaching and helping others.

Daniel also speaks Spanish and Portuguese.


Striking and MMA Coach

Sam first trained karate as a child in the UK before competing in numerous other sports. He returned to martial arts as an adult training in boxing and kick-boxing for many years but claims he fell in love with MMA "the first time I saw two guys rolling"!

He trained and competed with a few local gyms before switching to SBG UK where he thrived on the MMA fundamentals, wrestling and striking programs on offer and was even convinced to put on a gi by SBG UK boss Karl Tanswell.

He successfully competed in many MMA bouts in the UK and was a key training partner for some of the high level UFC fighters in his gym. 

Sam is a fully qualified fitness instructor with over 5 years of personal training experience and remains active in the local BJJ and MMA circuit. 

Sam coaches one Saturday morning a month.