Can I visit the gym before becoming a member?

SBG Australia is a private members club however we suggest you organise a visit by appointment where a coach will meet you, discuss your goals and recommend a suitable program. 

What is included in the membership fee?

Our membership fee includes the classes assigned to you and full use of all our facilities. Personal training, specialised courses and retail products are available at additional costs. We do not charge additional grading fees. 

How do I pay for my gym membership?

A choice of monthly or annual up-front payment by direct debit is available. Please ask for a method to suit YOU. 

How can I work out the cost of joining a gym?

It's a simple formula. Ask yourself how many times a week you are going to visit the gym and divide that by the monthly cost. There are no negative costs to making health, fitness and fun part of your lifestyle. You control the value of your gym membership, we make sure you enjoy it. 

How long is the contract for?

Please take the time to read YOUR agreement as terms vary. 

Do I have to give notice to cancel? 

Yes. Please ask for a Cancellation form and refer to Terms & Conditions for further details. 

Understanding the wording of the membership agreement

There is no hidden small print in our agreement. As a result, the agreement is very clear and unambiguous. You do not need legal advice to understand the terms and conditions. Take time to read the contract through, so that you fully understand what the gym expects of you and what you can expect of the gym. If you do not understand any of the conditions, or if the meaning of the term is unclear, ask questions and get your answers before signing. That way you will be more likely to not only get fit but also know you are a getting a fair deal!